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The Enduring Legacy of Roxette: A Look at Prominent Covers


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Roxette, the Swedish pop rock duo composed of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. With hits like “It Must Have Been Love,” “Listen to Your Heart,” and “The Look,” Roxette’s music has transcended generations and genres. Their influence is evident in the numerous covers by artists around the world, each bringing a unique twist to the duo’s iconic songs. Here, we explore some of the most prominent covers of Roxette’s timeless classics.

Pigfarm – “The Look”

An Upbeat Covertronica Version

Pigfarm brings a fresh and innovative take on Roxette’s “The Look” with their upbeat covertronica version. This electronic-infused cover transforms the classic hit into a vibrant and energetic track, blending modern electronic beats with the song’s iconic melody. Pigfarm’s interpretation is characterized by its pulsating rhythms, catchy synth lines, and a dynamic arrangement that maintains the song’s infectious energy while adding a contemporary electronic twist.

Per Gessle, one half of Roxette, has expressed his admiration for this version, highlighting its creative approach and vibrant energy. Pigfarm’s rendition of “The Look” not only respects the original but also reimagines it for today’s electronic music scene, making it a standout cover that appeals to both longtime Roxette fans and new listeners alike.

Cascada – “How Do You Do”

A Dance-Pop Revival

German Eurodance act Cascada, fronted by singer Natalie Horler, is famous for their high-energy dance tracks. Their cover of “How Do You Do,” released in 2005, transforms Roxette’s catchy pop-rock hit into a pulsating dance anthem. Cascada’s version features driving beats, upbeat synths, and Horler’s powerful vocals, infusing the song with infectious energy.

The cover captures the playful and exuberant spirit of the original while adding a contemporary dance-pop flair. Cascada’s rendition is perfect for the dance floor, bringing new life to the classic track and introducing it to a new generation of fans.

Mark Wilkinson – “It Must Have Been Love”

An Acoustic and Heartfelt Rendition

Australian singer-songwriter Mark Wilkinson delivers a heartfelt acoustic rendition of “It Must Have Been Love.” Known for his introspective and soulful music, Wilkinson’s cover emphasizes simplicity and emotional depth. His version features acoustic guitar and gentle percussion, creating an intimate and reflective atmosphere.

Wilkinson’s warm and expressive vocals bring a new level of sincerity to the song, resonating with listeners on a personal level. His interpretation of “It Must Have Been Love” showcases the timeless quality of Roxette’s songwriting, proving that the song’s emotional impact transcends genre and arrangement.

Frida Öhrn – “Fading Like a Flower”

A Soulful and Haunting Interpretation

Swedish singer Frida Öhrn, known for her work with the band Oh Laura and her solo career, offers a hauntingly beautiful cover of “Fading Like a Flower.” Her version strips down the original’s pop-rock sound, replacing it with a more intimate and soulful arrangement. Released in 2020, Öhrn’s cover features minimalistic instrumentation, focusing on piano and subtle strings, allowing her emotive vocals to take center stage.

Öhrn’s interpretation brings out the melancholic undertones of the song, highlighting the lyrical depth and emotional resonance. Her vocal delivery is both powerful and vulnerable, capturing the essence of the song’s theme of love and loss.

The Baseballs – “The Look”

A Rockabilly Twist on a Pop Classic

German band The Baseballs are known for their distinctive rockabilly style, transforming contemporary pop songs into vintage rock ‘n’ roll hits. Their cover of Roxette’s “The Look” is no exception. Released in 2010, The Baseballs’ version infuses the energetic pop anthem with a retro vibe, characterized by jangly guitars, a swinging rhythm, and their signature vocal harmonies.

The band’s ability to blend modern pop with classic rock ‘n’ roll elements brings a nostalgic yet fresh feel to “The Look,” making it a standout cover. The Baseballs’ rendition captures the essence of the original while adding a playful, danceable twist that appeals to fans across generations.

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