Metalcore – The very best

This playlist is packed with all the new metalcore and death core music! With artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, Killswitch Engage, Drowning Pool, Wage War, Architects and more. Featuring Top Metalcore songs like Bodies, In Between, Can You Feel My Heart and Praise!


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Metalcore – The very best Playlist on Spotify

It’s not easy to come up with a Metalcore playlist that sums up what the genre has to offer. The music has been famously controversial, especially when it comes to its more recent melodic style! Metal bands who crossover to other genres can cause quite passionate reactions in their fans – don’t feed the trolls! But Punk and Metal are just siblings who took different paths after leaving the family home. If you think of it this way, Metalcore bands are only a natural consequence of their fusion.

Once upon a time, about mid-80s, punks and metalheads hung out at the same clubs. It might sound weird nowadays, but folks like Suicidal Tendencies played alongside guys like Metallica or Slayer. The more aggressive sounds of punk gave birth to hardcore, and the metalheads who liked it started adopting it in their own songs. And poof! Thus was Metalcore born.

But because Metal and Punk already had a huge list of subgenres when they joined forces, the fusions you can hear on Metalcore are also quite varied. There’s the late 80s style like Integrity or Converge (the hardcore is strong in those ones). But then the kids that grew up listening to Pantera and Sepultura took their own approach to Metalcore. Let’s say, bands like Trivium or Bullet for My Valentine: That’s the sound the genre is associated with nowadays.

Our Metalcore playlist brings you an appetizer of the melodic style with bands like Asking Alexandria, together with the more brutal sounds of acts like Thy Art is Murder or The Black Dahlia Murder. Yeah yeah we know, some of you might ask what the latter is doing on a Metalcore playlist. The discussion is way beyond our list! This is just an overview of the bands that dared doing crossovers that seemed daring in their time, plus some new gems who’re keeping the genre alive and evolving, like A Dead Tree Doesn’t Talk.

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Death Core, Metal, Metalcore


Angry, Brutal, Chaos, Hard, Heavy, Workout

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Asking Alexandria, Beartooth, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Of Mice & Men, Parkway Drive

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