Otacore Chart – Top 100 Otacore Songs

Top 100 Otacore songs on Spotify with artist such as Linked Horizon, Black Gryph0n and Set It Off.


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Otacore Chart – Top 100 Otacore Songs Playlist on Spotify

What is otacore?

Otacore is a music genre inspired by japanese anime culture. It’s one of over 5000 Spotify Genres. It’s a merger of the words otaku (meaning a geek (obsessed with manga/anime) and Core (as in Hardcore music).

What artists are Otacore?

We have gathered a list of the most popular 100 Otacore songs and in this list we have artists like:

  • Linked Horizon
  • Black Gryph0n
  • We.B
  • Set It Off
  • Ash Costello
  • TK from Lin tosite sigure
  • Akano
  • CG5
  • Miura Jam
  • Steven Universe
  • Or3o
  • LilyPichu
  • JT Music
  • Hiroaki Tommy Tominaga
  • FLOW
  • Shayne Orok
  • Yuki Hayashi
  • Jin Hashimoto
  • Kensuke Ushio
  • The Stupendium
  • Dagames
  • etc

A wide, panoramic scene inspired by Otacore music, featuring anime-style characters in a dynamic, colorful environment. One male character is wearing

Characteristics of Otacore Music

A distinct feature of Otacore music is its ability to transcend traditional genre boundaries, incorporating elements from J-pop, rock, electronic, and even classical music. It’s marked by its emotive storytelling, often reflecting the themes and emotions found in anime plots.

For a curated selection of Otacore music, check out our Otacore genre page, which showcases the best in this category.

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The Rise in Popularity

Otacore’s growth can be attributed to the global expansion of anime culture. Platforms like Crunchyroll and Netflix have made anime more accessible, allowing Otacore music to reach a wider audience. Events like anime conventions and the increasing presence of anime music on streaming platforms have also played a significant role.


Otacore Chart – Top 100 Otacore Songs Playlist on YouTube

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