Eurovision 2024: Who will win in Sweden according to the Bookmakers

Prediction for the winner of the swedish eurovision song contest 2024

As the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 approaches, the spotlight turns once again to the participating nations, each vying for the coveted title. Among them, Sweden stands out as a country with a rich Eurovision legacy, consistently sending entries that capture the imagination of the continent.

This year is no exception, and the excitement is palpable. In this article, “Eurovision 2024: Sweden’s Entries Rated by Industry Experts”, we delve into the heart of Sweden’s musical offerings, providing an in-depth analysis and rating from seasoned industry experts as well as bookmakers to predict who’s gonna win the Swedish Eurovision Qualifier Competition.

Join us as we explore the potential, the promise, and the prowess of Sweden’s finest talents on the grand stage of Eurovision 2024.

sweden in the eurovision song contest

Sweden in Eurovision

Sweden’s relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest is one steeped in history and marked by remarkable success. Since their debut in 1958, Sweden has become one of the contest’s most successful countries, with a record that includes numerous top-five finishes and six victories – a feat surpassed only by Ireland. The nation’s Eurovision journey is highlighted by ABBA’s legendary win in 1974 with “Waterloo”, a turning point not only for Sweden but for the entire competition, as it catapulted the band and the contest into international fame.

In recent years, Sweden has continued this tradition of excellence with consistently strong showings, thanks to the immensely popular Melodifestivalen – a national selection process that has become a staple of Swedish culture. This rigorous competition has been the launching pad for a series of remarkable acts, each embodying the spirit of innovation and quality that has come to define Sweden’s Eurovision entries.

As we edge closer to Eurovision 2024, the anticipation around Sweden’s entry is mounting. With a history of chart-topping hits, visually stunning performances, and memorable melodies, Sweden’s participation is always a highlight of the contest. Will this year see Sweden continue its legacy of Eurovision success? Our panel of experts weighs in, providing their insights and ratings on what we can expect from the Swedish contenders in Eurovision 2024.

All The 2024 Swedish Eurovision Entries

image showcasing all the entrie to the swedish eurovision 2024

QUALIFIER 1 – MALMÖ, 3 February

  • “Awful Liar” by Lisa Ajax Lisa Ajax, a familiar name in the Swedish pop scene, brings “Awful Liar” to the contest. Written by a team including David Lindgren Zacharias and Victor Crone, the song is a powerful pop anthem about honesty in relationships.
  • “Forever Yours” by Elisa Lindström Elisa Lindström, known for her melodious voice, offers “Forever Yours”, a heartfelt ballad. The song, co-written by Lindström herself, is a testament to enduring love and showcases her vocal prowess.
  • “Hela världen väntar” by Samir & Viktor The dynamic duo Samir & Viktor return with “Hela världen väntar”, a high-energy track with a catchy beat. The song, penned by David Kreuger and Fredrik Kempe, reflects their signature upbeat style.
  • “Heroes Are Calling” by Smash Into Pieces The rock band Smash Into Pieces presents “Heroes Are Calling”, a fusion of rock and electronic sounds. Written by the band members, it’s a song that promises to bring a different energy to the stage.
  • “Min melodi” by Melina Borglowe Melina Borglowe, a rising star, brings “Min melodi” to the forefront. This song, blending pop and soulful elements, showcases Melina’s range as a singer-songwriter.
  • “Supernatural” by Adam Woods Adam Woods’ “Supernatural” is a modern pop track with an infectious rhythm. Woods’ own composition, it’s a song that speaks to the mystical elements of love.


  • “Ahumma” by C-Joe C-Joe’s “Ahumma” is a unique blend of pop and African rhythms, reflecting his diverse musical influences. The song, co-created with Twice Ice, is a celebration of cultural diversity.
  • “Dragon” by LIAMOO LIAMOO, known for his charismatic performances, brings “Dragon”, a powerful pop track with an empowering message, co-written with Anderz Wrethov and Julie “Kill J” Aagaard.
  • “Norrland” by Engmans Kapell Engmans Kapell’s “Norrland” is a folk-inspired song that tells a story of the Swedish north. Their traditional sound mixed with modern elements creates a nostalgic yet fresh feel.
  • “The Silence After You” by Dear Sara Dear Sara presents a hauntingly beautiful ballad, “The Silence After You”. Sara Nutti’s emotional depth as a songwriter shines through in this poignant piece about loss and longing.
  • “Unga & fria” by Fröken Snusk Fröken Snusk offers a bold and energetic performance with “Unga & fria”. The song, co-written by Sara Ryan, is a vibrant “EPA-dunk-song” celebrating youth and freedom, showcasing their distinctive style.
  • “When I’m Gone” by Maria Sur Maria Sur’s “When I’m Gone” is a soulful and introspective track. Co-written with Anderz Wrethov and Julie “Kill J” Aagaard, the song is a contemplative piece about legacy and impact.

QUALIFER 3 – VÄXJÖ, 17 February

  • “Aldrig mer” by Clara Klingenström Clara Klingenström brings a heartfelt and melodic song, “Aldrig mer”. Co-written with Bobby Ljunggren, it’s a powerful ballad about moving forward and finding strength.
  • “Effortless” by Jacqline Jacqline’s “Effortless” combines pop sensibilities with a touch of R&B. The track, co-written with Dino Medanhodzic and Jimmy Jansson, showcases her smooth vocals and catchy hooks.
  • “För dig” by Klaudy Klaudy presents “För dig”, a song that blends contemporary pop with heartfelt lyrics. Written by William Schenberg and Åke Olofsson, it’s a dedication to loved ones and the power of connection.
  • “Give My Heart A Break” by Cazzi Opeia Cazzi Opeia enters with “Give My Heart A Break”, a dynamic pop track. Co-written with Ellen Berg and Thomas G:son, it’s a song about resilience and self-empowerment.
  • “I Won’t Shake (La La Gunilla)” by Gunilla Persson Gunilla Persson delivers “I Won’t Shake (La La Gunilla)”, a playful and catchy tune. Written by Fredrik Andersson, it’s a song that showcases Gunilla’s unique charm and charismatic energy.
  • “Take My Breath Away” by Kim Cesarion Kim Cesarion brings his soulful voice to “Take My Breath Away”. Co-written with Albin Johnsén, it’s a romantic ballad that highlights his vocal range and emotive delivery.


  • “30 km/h” by Lia Larsson Lia Larsson, the tik-tok star, presents “30 km/h”, a song that merges pop with a hint of country. Co-written with Axel Schylström and Thomas G:son, it’s a charming and upbeat track that’s instantly memorable.
  • “Circus X” by SCARLET SCARLET’s “Circus X” is a theatrical and powerful performance. Written by a team including Emil Behmer and Scarlet herself, it’s a song that blends pop with dramatic flair.
  • “Done Getting Over You” by Albin Tingwall Albin Tingwall offers “Done Getting Over You”, a heartfelt pop song about moving on. Co-written with Joy Deb and Linnea Deb, it’s a relatable track with a strong emotional core.
  • “En sång om sommaren” by Lasse Stefanz Lasse Stefanz brings a classic touch with “En sång om sommaren”. This nostalgic song, co-written with Anderz Wrethov, captures the essence of Swedish summers and timeless memories.
  • “Happy That You Found Me” by Danny Saucedo Danny Saucedo’s “Happy That You Found Me” is a vibrant pop track. Co-written with John Martin and Michel Zitron, it’s an uplifting song about love and happiness.
  • “It’s Not Easy to Write a Love Song” by Dotter Dotter presents “It’s Not Easy to Write a Love Song”, a reflective and catchy tune. Co-written with Dino Medanhodzic, it’s a song about the complexities of love and songwriting.


  • “Back To My Roots” by Jay Smith Jay Smith returns with “Back To My Roots”, a country rock track. Co-written with Jonas Jurström and Victor Thell, it’s a powerful song about rediscovering oneself and one’s origins.
  • “Banne maj” by Elecktra Elecktra brings an electrifying performance with “Banne maj”. Co-written with Anderz Wrethov and Jonny Werner, it’s a song that combines modern beats with traditional elements.
  • “Controlla” by Chelsea Muco Chelsea Muco’s “Controlla” is a fusion of pop and R&B with a hint of reggaeton. Co-written with Karl Flyckt, it’s a vibrant and rhythmical track that showcases her versatility.
  • “Light” by Annika Wickihalder Annika Wickihalder presents “Light”, a song that shines with its uplifting melody and inspiring lyrics. Co-written with Herman Gardarfve, it’s a beacon of hope and positivity.
  • “Que Sera” by Medina Medina’s “Que Sera” is a rhythmic and catchy tune with a multicultural vibe. Co-written with Ali Jammali and Anderz Wrethov, it’s a celebration of life’s unpredictability.
  • “Unforgettable” by Marcus & Martinus The duo Marcus & Martinus offer “Unforgettable”, a catchy pop track. Co-written with Joy Deb and Linnea Deb, it’s a song about memorable moments and lasting impressions.

Who will win the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest 2024 according to the bookmakers?

1Marcus & Martinus – Unforgettable26%2,752,92,752,842,81
2Danny Saucedo – Happy That You Found Me19%44,54,254,454,30
3Dotter – It’s Not Easy to Write a Love Song12%87,57,57,77,68
4Jay Smith – Back To My Roots8%12121112,311,83
5Smash Into Pieces – Heroes Are Calling7%16121213,313,33
6Fröken Snusk – Unga & fria7%17141313,314,33
7Medina – Que Sera5%26141515,517,63
8Jacqline – Effortless5%36121213,318,33
9Liamoo – Dragon4%1524252923,25
10Adam Woods – Supernatural4%2921153023,75
11Cazzi Opeia – Give My Heart A Break4%1628252724,00
12Lisa Ajax – Awful Liar4%2628253127,50
13Maria Sur – When I’m Gone3%2131303128,25
14Kim Cesarion – Take My Breath Away3%1531354030,25
15Clara Klingenström – Aldrig mer3%3636303935,25
16Albin Tingwall – Done Getting Over You3%4141353036,75
17Samir & Viktor – Hela världen väntar2%4146405044,25
18Elisa Lindström – Forever Yours1%4681559569,25
19Melina Borglowe – Min melodi1%5181609571,75
19Scarlet – Circus X1%6176609573,00
21Annika Wickihalder – Light1%51866010074,25
22Lia Larsson – 30 km/h1%61866010076,75
23Dear Sara – The Silence After You1%67865510077,00
24C-Joe – Ahumma1%56867510079,25
25Klaudy – För dig1%461017510080,50
26Chelsea Muco – Controlla1%761017510088,00
27Elecktra – Banne maj1%1518675100103,00
28Lasse Stefanz – En sång om sommaren1%101126100100106,75
29Gunilla Persson – I Won’t Shake (La La Gunilla)1%101126125100113,00
30Engmans Kapell – Norrland1%101151100100113,00

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