Dance You Off – Benjamin Ingrosso

Melodifestivalen 2018 winner, Benjamin Ingrosso, Dance You Off. Eurovision 2018.


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“Dance You Off,” performed by Benjamin Ingrosso, represented Sweden in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Lisbon, Portugal. This track is emblematic of Sweden’s renowned pop music tradition, blending slick production with catchy melodies. Ingrosso, a multifaceted artist with a background in both music and acting, brought a polished and charismatic performance that stood out in the competition.

The song itself is a glossy, disco-infused pop number that talks about trying to move on from an ex-lover by dancing the pain away. Its lyrics convey a sense of bittersweet escapism, where the act of dancing serves as a metaphor for overcoming heartbreak and finding empowerment in solitude. The production is smooth and contemporary, with a steady beat, funk-influenced basslines, and shimmering synths that invite listeners to the dance floor. It’s a testament to Ingrosso’s ability to deliver a performance that is both vocally impressive and emotionally resonant.

Sweden’s entry for Eurovision 2018 showcased not only the country’s knack for producing high-quality pop music but also its strategic approach to the competition. “Dance You Off” was staged with a sophisticated light show and visual effects that complemented the song’s upbeat, yet introspective mood. Ingrosso’s confident, suave presence on stage, combined with his smooth vocals, made for a memorable performance that appealed to both the jury and the public.

The song’s impact extends beyond the Eurovision stage, highlighting Benjamin Ingrosso’s potential as an international pop star. It received positive reviews for its polished sound and the emotional depth behind its catchy exterior. “Dance You Off” contributed to the ongoing conversation about the nature of modern pop music, blending traditional themes of love and loss with a contemporary sound that resonates with a wide audience.



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